Alejandra Hernández
Graphic Designer
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Gabriel García Marquéz Newspaper

Project Overview

Create a newspaper inspired by an specific person. The aim is to find and research a persona in depth, in order to create different typographic pieces with photography textures and imagery, that illustrate the content and character of the main figure.


The newspaper, Gabo’s Times is named after Gabriel García Marquéz nickname. The newspaper takes a serious look at the breadth of his work, it is a publication focused around the life, motifs, legacy, literary impact and contributions to journalism from Marquéz.

Articles, quotes, some of his writings and multiple interviews are used in the newspaper. More than 10 typographic pieces were designed to illustrate the content and character of Gabriel García Marquéz, who inspired the newspaper.

typography / visualization / communication / editorial

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An important theme of Gabriel’s work and style of writing is magic realism, where he blends reality and fiction to create new stories. This piece portrays the mixology between facts and fantastics tales.


In several works, Gabriel’s referenced the violence as the brutal civil war that Colombia had to live in the 60’s, causing the deaths of thousands of people.


In several works Gabriel García reflects the reality of life in Colombia and represents it by making a distortion of it.


News of a Kidnapping it is a non-fiction book written by Gabriel, that examines a series of kidnappings committed in the early 90s in Colombia.

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